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[PROJECT] Conroy Tower


Conroy Building was built based on the idea of "Coworking space", focus on serving criteria: Utilities & Community connections. This is a space model of working efficiency. These special features such as the use of common management systems, optimization of resources, strengthen business connections, increase work efficiency, providing living and working environment is flexible, modern facilities.

The building consists of 10 floors with total construction area of over 2,000 m2.


- 14 closed offices with the diversity of design area and workspace and also be arranged by an private conference rooms in each floor 

*** Especially: The building has been designed with the addition of "Phone-booth" room for personal use, which is considered to be the first appearance in the design of office building in Da Nang City.

- Located on the rooftop, two-bedroom luxury Penthouse with an area of 160 m2 is considered as one of the most modern, luxurious Penthouse in Da Nang city. It is not only equipped with comfortable, smart and user friendly facilities, the apartment also has an infinity pool overlooking the sea.

- A bank transaction office is located at the first floor entrance, which providing the convenience in the financial transaction process for organizations and individuals living in the building.

- A large conference room is located in the 2nd floor of building

- 9th floor is designed exclusively for Restaurant & Bar serving food and drink for residents living in the building.

There are also other services attached to…


Idea building, corporate Identity packages (CIP);

Design, interior and exterior decoration for the restaurant landscape.

Performing recruitment, advising the structure of personnel.

Planning and implementing Marketing & Sales programs


by: Conroy teams



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